Western toad painting by Carl Dennis Buell

Birding and other pleasures and aggravations, in Berkeley and beyond, by Ron Sullivan.

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No Surprise

No Surprise

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Look Sharp

Reality Bites

In fact, click on it to see it larger at Flickr.

See it?

See, that’s one reason I take photographs: I can see more than I saw originally. And I put them in public view on Flickr because sometimes other people see more than I did when I captured the image, as Perfesser Bear did in this case. Remember that thing about “emotion recalled in tranquility”? That plus crowdsourcing/sharing, too.

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Why? Because he can.

Because he can.

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PZ Myers Hits the Bullseye

“The words of my people are written in the strands of DNA I find in every cell of my body, and the story they tell is clear and inspiring. We are all products of the natural world; stars died to create the elements we are made of, and 4 billion years of churning life struggled and was born and died to shape us. We are close kin to every single human being on the planet, without exception — there is no tribe that is outside our family. And even deeper, we are related to every living thing on earth. You simply cannot get any more universal than the scientific story of life.”

Speech at the Atheists’ Convention in Oz:


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Occasionally Joe Writes a Song

Attempting to navigate SOMA in SF with an out-of-date atlas and a carload of geek friends, after catching some Wizard of Oz on the motel TV, is the probable etiology of what he’s been singing (sotto voce) today.

With the proper application
I’d make brilliant conversation
Never sounding like a sap
I would join the technorati
Be the life of every party
If I only had the app

I’d know facts obscure and useful
Enough to stuff a goose full
And I’d never need a map
From Calcutta to Dakar
I could find the nearest bar
If I only had the app

Oh, I could tell you where
The gasoline is cheap
And whether the next tide is spring or neap
And 47 Uzbek words for sheep

Any geek can be a hero
Though his cool is next to zero
It would be no handicap
In the social stream a-swimmin’
I might even meet some women
If I only had the app

————————————————Joe Eaton

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